Frequently Asked Questions

What is the method employed?
The natural method, presents Latin texts that are readily understood thanks to the context. In each chapter, we encounter only one or two new features of grammar; these are easily and naturally assimilated. Most of the class is made up of questions, answers, comments and the occasionally humorous aside in Latin on the part of both students and instructor. About 80% of the class is in Latin only (latine tantum); there is usually an English-language wrap-up at the end of each lesson. The in-class lessons are supplemented with written at-home exercises. 

Can a person be too old to learn a new language this way?
No.  Though it is commonly believed that children learn a language faster than adults it is absolutely false.  It has been proven scientifically that adults can learn a language much faster and easier than children.  We just have to teach adults the way we have always taught children.  For more information click here.

What if I only want to learn to read and understand?
If you only want to read and understand then you must learn how to hear, understand, and speak first.  If you don't you will never learn to read and understand.  You may learn to read and translate but you will never learn to read and understand a given text the way the author intended you to understand it.

Have other questions?
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