Learn to Speak Latin!

Instructor: John Pepino, PhD

Using web-conferencing software (Fuze), participants learn Latin through online live interactive TPRS exercises, complementary lessons in Hans H. Ørberg, Lingua Latina, vol. 1. and exercises in Exercitia Latina I.

In this course we use the so-called ecclesiastical, or Church, pronunciation of Latin. The difference between this pronunciation and that used in North American secular universities is slight enough that a student accustomed to the latter will have no trouble adapting to the former. Likewise, a student who is accustomed to the Church pronunciation will have no trouble getting used to the pronunciation used in the classrooms of secular universities.

Participants learn to understand simple sentences and answer questions in Latin. This level will cover the first four chapters of Lingua Latina. Time spent in class will be oral; participants follow up with reading and writing outside of class.  We will cover chapters 1-4 of Lingua Latina

Tuition: $95.00.


Our next class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30pm CST, June 8 - July 1

  • Latin Level 1