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I originally signed up for this class for the benefit of my children, so I could teach them better. As it turns out, I was by far the beneficiary. I enjoyed the class immensely, especially when history and culture were included in each lesson to better understand the context of what was being taught. The best result of this class was that I am better able to follow the Latin Mass. I highly recommend this class for anyone at all curious or interested in Latin.
Caroline Gainey, Latin Student

I would never have believed that I would understand and be able to speak some Latin as quickly as I did before this class. The class is perfect for those just learning Latin anyone with some prior Latin would add verbal fluency on top of the knowledge of the reading and writing knowledge that is generally emphasized. I highly recommend the classes.
Mary Frances Jones, Latin Student

Having seen my ability to read Latin grow exponentially over the last several weeks, I can, with no reservation whatsoever, strongly recommend the Latin class through Academy of Classical Languages.  My previous experience of studying Latin in college was beyond frustrating and discouraging.  What a contrast, now, as I look forward to the Latin class and to studying on my own.  I will certainly be taking the next level.
Joseph Cervantes, Latin Student

If you've always wanted to master Latin as a way of thinking, speaking, writing, and reading rather than being a slave to rules that turn Latin into a dreary routine of memorization and translation, you will find no greater guide to Lingua Latina than Magister John Pepino.  I give John my strongest recommendation as a teacher and a scholar. You won't regret it.
Geoff McInnes, Latin Student

It had been thirty years since I studied a foreign language, but in a few short weeks I was understanding and speaking Latin!  Dr. Pepino offers essential insights and nuances that may be missed in a traditional classroom, and his humor and wit make each lesson delightful.  The experience has been mind opening and I look forward to every class as a welcome diversion from my busy day.
Daniel Miller, Latin Student

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